LeMaqPro Argan Oil

Le MAQ PROrgan oil 60ml
Argan oil – eliminates the feeling of tightness and flaking of the skin, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with essential nutrients, prevents dryness of the skin, including prevents chapping.
It has a toning, regenerating and anti-aging properties, and can be used to care for aging , flabby and wrinkled skin, improving elasticity and simp will treat, smoothes shallow wrinkles.
Just argan oil is ideal for the care of delicate and sensitive skin age.
In addition to care for dry and aging skin, effectively used for the treatment of juvenile acne and improve skin problem, since it has a very strong anti-inflammatory properties.
As has calming, reducing, and wound-healing effect and is widely used in the external treatment of burns, abrasions, and other various skin lesions, it helps to prevent the appearance of scars, which could be formed after burns, cuts, wounds, etc.